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Review: The Anttila mail order catalogue, 1972

Our printed matter pick of the week is the Anttila catalogue from April 1972. The cover is going with a nautical theme, which seems to have been in fashion since the beginning of the history of mail order catalogues.

However, inside it’s a lot more than just stripy shirts. The catalogue is in fact heavily into retro fashion and it’s actually impossible to find anything made after 1972 in it. In other words, just the way we like it.

Hey look, it’s Uma Thurman as a child, dressing up as her character in Kill Bill. Which of course was based on the tracksuit Bruce Lee wore in his 1972 film Game of Death… see what we’re getting at: he obviously must have bought it through Finnish mail order? What a scoop!

But hey, what’s this? I’m sorry, but fake Legos has always been – and always will be – unacceptable. Do you hear that, catalogue? Unacceptable. Come on Anttila, you can do better than this.

Well, yes! That’s what we’re talking about! The Bonanza Super De Luxe. What a great name for a great bike. Clearly bicycles were much cooler back in the day. Okay, so maybe not that practical, but we could see us cruising around with a fleet of these around the office. 

But check this out – it’s your parents about to go make babies in their new tent! Although your dad seems to be hesitating though. Maybe he’s gay?

Nope – on the next page they are married and had to get a bigger tent. And you might think it’s funny that your dad’s just sitting there while your mum is serving him drinks, but such was the law back in 1972. In fact, it was actually illegal in Finland for men to get their own beer at the time.

If you’d say this looks like a really cheap Soviet-made camera, you’d be right. But would you be suprised if we told you the Lomographic society is now selling these pieces of junk to fashinable retro camera enthusiasts all over the world? We thought so.

By the way, how come car manufacturers don’t do individually coloured seat covers no more? That would really add some zing to that rusty old Mazda of yours, don’t you think?

Also, a tried method that seems to have been forgotten: if your car is really rusty, why not slap on one of these fun stickers? That way noone will know, and you’ll come across as a flower loving friend of the earth. Win!

Look, it’s your mum again. Now she’s dusting off the floor mats. It’s funny how many mats she and your dad actually needed, considering they’re living in a tent.

The piece de resistance though of the 1972 Anttila catalogue got to be this practical wig. Made out of highly practical artificial fibre, it’s indispensible after “swimming, bath or sauna”. And probably not itchy at all.

In conclusion the Anttila catalogue was very coherent aesthatically, and the graphics were great with a retro twist.

Kasper Stromman Design Blog rating: 8,5

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