Finland, land of totally no big deal metre-long pikes

If you live in Finland like us here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog you can get blind to the reality surrounding you. That’s why we had a look at the Finland Holiday Guide to get an outside perspective of how the tourist authorities want people to see Finland. 

The guide puts major emphasis on the “crystal-clear waters” of Finland which is nice, because a lot of people remember those from their childhood. The guide also claims that “catching a pike that is over one metre long is not really a big deal anywhere in Finland”. That’s why the guy in the picure is holding it up like he couldn’t care less.

After that we get a nice overview of the different townships of Finland. Apparently Haapasaari is the place for staying in cottages and cathing metre-long pikes. You know, the type that gets everyone yawning.

Åland Islands? Perfect for catching those one-metre-long pikes, which if mentioned afterwards totally makes everyone shrug. Big whup.

So you’re telling me you went to Pargas and caught a pike that was one metre long? Well guess what? Noone cares.

Apparently there’s even a “pike fishing paradise” in the Kvarken area, which is largely considered something of a United States of Whatever, all with it’s super annoying one-metre-long pikes.

In fact there’s only one place in Finland where you have a chance to catch anything fish-like under a metre, and that’s Muonio.

Generally considered a haven for fishermen with it’s eight (?) seasons and tiny, tiny fish.

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