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Design lovers!

This blog has been going since late summer of 2011, but everything must come to an end. Why? Mainly because we here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog have now covered every single aspect of Finnish design. That’s it. There is nothing left to write about. But you’ll always have the Kasper Stromman Illustrated Design Encyclopadia to fall back on if there’s still something troubling your mind.

Naturally we have issued a commemorative T-shirt, available through the Kasper Stromman Design Outlet.


However, we here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog are of course not made out of stone, and if you could see us now we can tell you there is not a dry eye in the office. Mainly because of all the layoffs that will ensue.

But our Finnish language readers will be happy to know it’s not completely over; there is already a new blog in the writing; go here for the brand new Kasper Diem -blog.

So long design lovers, and long live Finnish design!

Sansa: Boys (Summertime love), 2013
For the original 1987 version by Sabrina go here

dauntlessds said: Hi there! I created a Tumblr JUST because I wanted to ask the expert. I am an aspiring graphic designer and I just LOVE to do designs for everybody. I am not in it for the money but I would like to leave a bit of a legacy and make my family proud. So here's my question: What would be a great cost effective way to be noticed and how can I find contests for design in my area so I can really challenge myself?

Dear Junior Designer,

The best way to get noticed these days is to run your own design blog. As far as everyone is concerned it’s actually the only way of making a name for yourself in 2013.

What comes to design contests there is also really only one worth taking part in: the Stromman Signature Cake contest. Your family couldn’t be prouder if you win.

Kasper Stromman

Postcards from Finland #37


The Market Square
Der Marktplatz

Lahjatukku Oy • Helsinki 

Top 3 Stromman Cake entries so far

Cake lovers!

Last week we here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog announced the Stromman Cake Competition. Here are our favourite entries so far:


Martha Stewart Rainbow Cake
“Not only because it contains a sufficient number of colourings and preservatives, but because this is the only cake that matches the Kasper Stromman Space T-shirt. And since I totally stole the idea you can send to prize to Kaitlin Flannery.”
Maari Fabritius


Stromman Cake
“Black is the one and only choice for a graphic designer. Liquorice, salty liquorice and booze are truly Finnish flavours. The icing on the cake is the perfectly geometric dome shape. In other words, I present you with a liquorice cake covered in salty liquorice marzipan icing and moistened with Salmiakki Koskenkorva!”
Tommi Merelin 


Le Bebe Burger Sans Comic
Pami Hekanaho

These are, of course, all fantastic entries. And the greatest part of it is there’s still time to send in suggestions since we’ve pushed back the deadline to 4th of June – aka Stromman Day.

Please send Stromman Cake suggestions to

Nuuskatyyny/Snus pillow by Denz & Son.

Graphic design now. (In Finnish).

Traditional Finnish musical instruments made out of skateboards.
For more info – or to buy these – please visit Mäsä Universe

What’s the smell of Finland?


4. Raspberry
Not much information about this scent is given on the Angry Birds by Lumene website, but since the Bad Piggy featured on the label is clearly voicing the word “pbbbt” it’s safe to assume the scent is similar to that of “blowing a raspberry”.
Also available in blueberry hand cream.
Angry Birds by Lumene


3. Unisex
Perfume person Max Perttula recently brought out a fragrance with top notes of galbanum, middle notes of hedione and base notes of tonka bean. That actually pretty much sounds like the accurate smell of Finland as far as we here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog are concerned.


2. The true sensual power of a wearer’s own persona
The Tom of Finland Eau de Parfum claims to be an ode to masculine beauty with its “clean leather scent”. But since it also carries notes of galbanum and tonka bean it has us thinking they are on to something since these ingredients are also featured in the Eau de Finlande.
The box also features printed homoerotic imaginery on the inside, but those are completely odourless.
Tom of Finland Eau de Perfum


1. The smell of mystery
We circled this car for a good ten minutes, but still couldn’t get a whiff of what the Finland air freshener smells like. But we guess it’s safe to assume it has got notes of galbanum and tonka bean?
We do however know that it is also available in the smell of the European Union.

Stromman Cake competition: some pointers


Cake lovers!

A few days ago we here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog asked you, blog readers, to help us design the Stromman signature cake. We are happy to report that we have already got some pretty interesting designs coming in. We highly appreciate every single one of these suggestions.

However, to pave the way for even more entries we thought it would be good to give you, cake designers, some guidelines of what kind of ingredients would probably make for a great Stromman cake. So here goes.

• Marzipan
• Toblerone
• Cherries
• Muffins
• Bananas

• Whipped cream
• Cinnamon rolls
• Croissants

Please send entries to – or if you are actually going to bake the cake have it delivered to:

The Kasper Stromman Design Blog International Headquarters
Castreninkatu 8
00530 Helsinki

Also, let’s face it, if you are actually going to go through the trouble of baking a cake you will most certainly win.

So, cake lovers, let the designing begin! And don’t forget there’s a vintage iPod at stake here.

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